Our relationship with Allah is a love story.

“It is not that I need you less, but I need Allah more.”

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“There are trees and flowers that are slow to grow but bear the best fruit and medicine. Now take the time to observe yourself and position in life. And ask yourself do you allow the water(knowledge,love,wisdom,understanding,life) to feed the roots of your mind which allow you to bloom like a flower and stand tall like a tree that bear beautiful good fruit?”

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“Patience is a sign of sincerity, when an individual has sincere taqwa of Allah(swt) patience is what that individual displays.”

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“If you want something, ask from Allah; who knows what desire you make in your heart before it comes to your tongue.”

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I have come to realize that memorization of the Quran cannot be done except by learning it’s Adab and purifying one’s self from sins. You would not pour water to drink inside a dirty glass. The same goes, even more so, for the kalaam of Allah and your soul.

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“Shaytan says, “Your sins are too many to be forgiven”. Allah says, “If your sins were to reach the sky, I would still forgive you.”

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“If calamities are what keep you close to Allah, Are this trials not also a mercy from your lord?”

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“O’ Allah, have Mercy on me by Thy power which Thou exercises over me so that I may not be lost, and Thou art my only hope.”

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“If you find a darkness in your heart after you sinned, know that in your heart there is a light, because of this light you felt the darkness.”

Ibn al-Jawzi (via islamicrays)

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self reminder.

You cannot feel miserable if you have the love of Allah within you, those who feel pain have lost touch with Allah.

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